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You can obtain the education for your desired profession in the United States in just 2 years!

Community Colleges offer a much more economical and expedited alternative compared to universities. Additionally, admission requirements are lower than those for undergraduate programs, and applications are open to all high school graduates.

In the United States, higher education institutions that fall under the umbrella term 'College' are grouped into two categories: 'Community Colleges,' which provide a strong associate's degree education, and 'Liberal Arts Colleges' and universities, which are equivalent to each other.

Community Colleges typically provide education for 2 years and have lower tuition fees compared to state universities and private institutions. Graduates receive an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree. A student who earns an associate's degree can choose to continue for an additional 2 years and earn a 4-year 'Bachelor's Degree' in their field. The education provided includes courses that prepare students for higher education, such as university-level coursework, and credits earned can be used for lateral transfers.

Community Colleges are a popular choice among American students because they offer graduates the opportunity to pursue undergraduate education at the university of their choice.

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