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College Prep Programs make a significant difference in your university life.

Within the program, it is possible to increase your academic success by taking one or more courses related to the field in which you want to study or are currently studying in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Another advantage of the program is that if the courses offered by the best professors in the field on campuses where students from different countries are located are compatible with your curriculum, they can also be accepted by your university in Turkey.

Young people who can stay in dormitories or with host families while benefiting from all campus facilities with programs organized at prestigious universities during the summer months can also get to know the culture of a different country and have new friends from all over the world.

College Prep Programs are a unique option for young people who want to step into their professional lives with full confidence and a prestigious CV after a strong academic career.

College Prep

College Prep in the United States

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College Prep in the UK

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College Prep in Canada

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