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Kampus Abroad offers your child the opportunity to become an exchange student in France, which is chosen by many exchange students every year due to its prestigious and well-established schools at world standards and being one of Europe's culturally richest countries. During their education in France, our students, who improve their French and receive superior education at world standards, also have an advantage in terms of being accepted to the best universities in Europe.

As a leading organization in intercultural student exchange programs and overseas education sector for more than 30 years in Turkey, we are with you at every step of this process. We will assist you from the registration and interview stages of the program to the time when your child returns to Turkey, and we will provide all kinds of support to your child during their education in France and follow their progress.

  1. Being an 8th grade or high school student
  2. Not having weak grades in end-of-year reports
  3. Successful completion of the language proficiency exam and interview
  4. Providing references from teachers at school
  5. Being able to study and be present at a school in France

Students who are successful in the interviews and have language proficiency, after meetings with their parents, have the right to apply for the program.

For students who win the program, the fee for the France Intercultural High School Student Exchange Program is paid.

  • One academic year of high school education in France
  • Accommodation with a host family in France
  • Provision of counseling services throughout the year
  • School information and reporting in France
  • Smart Guide Orientation and Training Academy
  • Paris Orientation

  • Airfare
  • Transfers
  • Health Insurance
  • Consular Visa Fee
  • Visa consultation service
  • School/Cafeteria lunches
  • Textbooks and school materials
  • Personal expenses and other expenses
  • Services not included in the program in the Service Package

Application Deadline: 6 months before the student's departure. It is recommended to apply at least 2 months before this date in order for the procedures to be completed, to find a place in crowded quotas, and to benefit from the program under favorable conditions.

You can get information from your consultant about payment terms and installment options.


Important Reminder: Students who will participate in Intercultural High School Student Exchange Programs must attend the Smart Guide® Certified Orientation Training & Academy, which includes academic and cultural information needed during their overseas education, guidance on course selections, and cultural experience workshops. The dates and details of the Academy Program are announced to parents and students by Kampus Abroad Turkey Headquarters during the year.