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Being a 'Exchange Program' student makes a difference among young people. Campus Abroad is the best implementer of InterCultural Exchange Programs in Turkey and offers young people the opportunity to 'make a difference.'

If your child is in the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, and even if they have just graduated from high school, imagine how much it would expand the limits of their imagination about their future to know that they can continue their education in the best schools in the world.

For Campus Abroad students, high school life is not limited to Turkey. Students in Campus Abroad's InterCultural High School Exchange Programs study in the most prestigious institutions in the United States, Canada, and Europe, opening a new chapter in their lives in every aspect.

These programs provide students with the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of the education system of the country they are going to. Thus, in addition to the curriculum they follow in their own countries, they learn what information their peers in schools in different countries are equipped with, make significant progress in important lessons, and achieve various academic successes.

Within our programs, students studying high school abroad have the opportunity to naturally use foreign languages and quickly reach a fluent and almost native level of a foreign language.

Intercultural High School Student Exchange Programs

USA Exchange Program

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France Exchange Program

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Italy Exchange Program

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Canada Exchange Program

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Switzerland Exchange Program

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UK Exchange Program

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Germany Exchange Program

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One of the most important features of Exchange Programs is that students stay with volunteer families. This makes our students an integral part of the life of the country they go to.

Thanks to their communication with the family members they stay with and their school friends, our students who get to know different cultures have friends from different parts of the world and various cultures. This gives them the chance to look at the world from a much broader and more peaceful perspective. Our students who make hundreds of new friends share what they know, learn what they don't know, and support each other throughout their lives as part of a global community.

** If you want to study high school abroad with the Exchange Program, you must be over 14 years old.

Remember, our local consultants are with you at every moment you need!

While selecting students who will have the chance to participate in the program, although we emphasize the importance of the English level, our consultants support students who think they have deficiencies and ensure that they reach a level where they can learn lessons entirely in English.

Our students can determine their English levels by taking the ELTIS exam and see their deficiencies. Those who achieve successful results can start their high school education abroad more comfortably.

Students in Turkey with high grade point averages have a great advantage in the selection process for Exchange Programs.

In short, Exchange Programs mean that all the processes required for a student to study abroad are carried out by Kampüs Abroad. For students who want to experience education abroad, the process works as follows: