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Is learning a foreign language difficult? Especially in our country, if we started foreign language lessons at a late age, in crowded classrooms, and hardly had the opportunity to speak...

For students, foreign language is the first and biggest obstacle to studying abroad for high school, university education, or exchange programs. For professionals, being a valuable member of the global world today, being a top choice for employers, and being able to speak at least one, if not more, languages at an advanced level is a necessity.

So, what if we say that the only thing needed to learn a language in a fun and effective way from expert teachers in its homeland in a very short time is to decide to learn a language well enough to speak it confidently?

In our foreign language programs, students can choose from beginner to advanced courses and benefit from standard, intensive, business language education, group or one-on-one course options. These courses, which can be attended depending on the person's preference for 2 weeks to 1 year, are usually taught in classes of maximum 15 international students.

Eliminating the language barrier by participating in one of the dozens of foreign language programs designed for different levels, fields, desires, needs, and age groups in its homeland and doing this in a fun way by making new friendships is the shortest and best way to learn a language!

This course type is ideal for those who are completely beginners or who want to improve the language they are learning. This course type offers a great balance between learning the language and enjoying free time outside of class. While there is free time for extracurricular activities in the morning or afternoon, 15-20 hours of education taken weekly is generally ideal for effective learning. The standard course is usually organized for those who want to receive short-term education for about 2-7 weeks, and it is generally possible to start the course on any Monday.

These courses are designed for those who want to take their language level to an advanced level. Standard or intensive education can be received, and long-term courses generally vary between 8 weeks and 1 year. Since the course will be attended for a long time, weekly course fees are more economical compared to short-term programs. One-on-One Course: One-on-one language education is the most effective and fastest way to learn a language or refresh knowledge. The format of the lesson is determined entirely according to the needs and desires of the student. It is particularly ideal for those who want to improve their language in professional terms. For example, Legal English, Medical English... Exam Preparation Courses: Spending weeks or months abroad is the ideal way to master another language. This also provides a chance to have enough language skills to pass an internationally recognized exam. For those who want to succeed in exams such as Cambridge Exams, Trinity, IELTS, TOEFL, D.E.L.E., D.E.L.F., C.I.L.S., and TestDAF, the ideal way is to participate in such courses abroad.

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