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Today's competitive business world demands employees who are more qualified, have accredited expertise in their field, and can work on an international scale.

Among candidates who have completed their undergraduate education, those who pursue a master's degree, especially through a master's program abroad, gain a competitive edge over their peers.

While the most popular master's program abroad is the MBA (Master of Business Administration), there are programs offered in various fields. There are master's programs available in different specialization areas within the main field of study where you completed your undergraduate education. This allows you to specialize in specific subjects within your profession based on your preferences.

After the MBA, the most commonly pursued master's degree is the MA (Master of Arts), covering programs in a wide range of fields, from social sciences to IT and business. Architects earn an MArch, educators obtain an MEd, engineers earn an MEng, and those pursuing a master's in the medical field graduate with MMed degrees. MPhil is a transitional master's program that candidates in the UK undertake for two years, aiming to pursue a Ph.D.

Countries frequently chosen for pursuing a master's degree include the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, primarily due to their emphasis on research and development and their academic contributions. Following closely, countries in Europe like Germany, France, and Italy also see demand for master's programs, especially when language factors are taken into consideration. These top-ranking countries offer attractive options because of their direct connections to the global business world.

Just like in our country, the duration of master's programs abroad is typically two years. However, in the UK, there is an option to obtain a diploma after completing one year of full-time study (or two years for part-time, depending on the program). This provides alternatives for candidates when evaluating the duration and cost.

The availability of similar master's programs in different countries and universities poses a challenge for candidates. At this stage, evaluating factors such as the school's ranking, the compatibility of the courses within the program with the candidate's goals and preferences, cost, accommodation, and duration with the guidance of an expert in the field of overseas master's programs helps make the right career choices.

Once our experts have identified the most suitable program for you, a detailed application process begins. The application process, which needs to be carried out carefully and professionally within specified time frames, generally requires candidates to provide:

  • Transcripts showing courses taken and grades earned during undergraduate studies.
  • Proof of success in an international English proficiency exam (usually IELTS or TOEFL).
  • Academic reference letters (typically two).

In addition to these requirements, the university/faculty may request the fulfillment of their own examination or another condition they specify.

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