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Through this program, students can continue their high school education in Turkey while simultaneously taking differential courses from Canada. At the end of the 12th grade, they can possess official government diplomas from both their Turkish schools and Canada.

Students who meet the requirements for the Canadian High School Program are assigned an Academic Coordinator.

Courses are selected in collaboration with the student, the assigned counselor, and the Academic Coordinator from Canada. While selecting these courses, the family's opinions are considered, and a path that aligns with the student's career map is drawn.

Each course taken by the student is delivered through written course materials via the system, an assignment system monitored by the teacher, and, if necessary, live teacher support by appointment. At the end of each term, students take the final exam for the courses received from Canada. Successful students in the exams earn the right to take differential courses in the next grade and continue in the diploma program. Attendance in the diploma program is mandatory, and a minimum of 85% attendance is required for each course every year.

When students join the program, their course selections are planned annually according to the University Pathway Program System (UPS) steps specifically designed for them. While 9th and 10th-grade students take general courses, 11th and 12th-grade students, along with the College Counselor and the Academic Coordinators, select courses specifically tailored to the department they wish to study at the university.

Students who wish to can start this program at the beginning of high school and continue with formal education in Canada in subsequent years. During online education, if the student decides to study in Canada, they can continue their education in Canada at the same or another public or private school using the grade report they receive from Canada.