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The private boarding schools in Canada offer quality programs tailored to students' talents and interests, making it one of the top choices for high school and university education. Moreover, compared to many other countries, the cost of education and living is much lower. One of the advantages of getting a high school education in Canada is that young people can transition to Canadian universities without an entrance exam, among other benefits of the education system.

Schools in each province are under the supervision and control of their respective education ministries. The education system operates based on a specific quality standard covering all schools across the country. The reflection of the high levels of well-being, safety, and health in the country in the cultural and educational fields increases the interest of foreign students in Canada. In Canada, it is possible to start attending private schools from the first year of high school, and it is also possible to graduate by continuing to study there for the last two years.

Private schools in Canada are divided into boarding and day schools, but many private schools offer both boarding and day options. In addition, there are schools where only girls or only boys attend. For international students, boarding schools are more popular as they provide a comfortable option where they can spend more social time with their peers and make full use of the facilities within the school. Canada has two official languages, French and English, and although the language of instruction is generally English, schools that provide education in French are mostly located in Montreal and Quebec.

There are boarding private schools in almost all provinces of Canada. With the support of our counselors, you can obtain more detailed information about schools that predominantly offer programs in the field you want to specialize in at university. You can proceed with the right steps in the selection, application, and registration processes. During the application phase, students' language proficiency is assessed, and some schools may also conduct a mathematics exam.

Private schools not only prepare students for Canadian universities but also offer programs to train students for the world's top universities, implementing both IB (International Baccalaureate) and AP (Advanced Placement) programs with this aim in mind.