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The shortest path to prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge is to graduate from a private school in the UK.

Private schools, representing the cornerstone and embodiment of the high-quality British education tradition with centuries of history, admit foreign students in small classes with a curriculum based on academic excellence. This opens up a pathway for foreign students to gain admission to the highly competitive British universities.

The greatest guarantee of the quality of education in UK private schools is not only the Independent Schools Association but also the routine oversight and inspection by the government. Therefore, a diploma obtained from a British private school commands great respect and recognition worldwide.

The accommodation for students in the Private Day School program is provided in host families, offering a unique blend of academic and social opportunities. Students get to experience British culture, lifestyle, and family structure firsthand, living under the care and support of another family while being away from their own. This not only accelerates their English language skills but also gives them the opportunity to intimately understand a new culture, enabling them to view the world and people from a broader perspective in the future.

The proximity of the UK to Turkey in terms of travel is another reason why the country is chosen for education. Being reachable with just a 3.5-hour flight is a comforting factor for parents and students. Even arranging a meeting with the school to discuss the student's progress is easily feasible for parents.