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You can fulfill your dreams of high school education abroad by participating in exchange programs that last from one semester to one year.

Although students involved in Intercultural Exchange Programs do not have the right to choose the high school where they will receive education, in some countries, students can make a selection among the regions offered to them. State high schools within the program also have highly advanced technological equipment, a solid knowledge infrastructure, and social facilities that support various sports and art activities.

One of the most beautiful aspects of getting high school education abroad, which is an unforgettable experience for foreign students, is that you have the opportunity to learn different cultures, among other things, and get to know even more different cultures through your peers from different countries.

State Choice High School students, who usually stay with host families, can experience the warmth of family even thousands of kilometers away from their countries. Families are with students in every situation, from any problem the students may experience at school to health issues. The fact that the participating families are selected after evaluating many criteria provides peace of mind for the students' own families as well.

State-choice high school programs come up with different criteria each year within the agreements made with countries. Please consult with our counselor to get detailed information about the country you want to go to.