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Our programs, designed to open up new horizons for our English teachers, distinguish them clearly from their peers in the industry, and create preferred educators, come in different durations and intensities.

TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) You can choose a program of your desired length between 2 weeks abroad and 12 weeks to specialize in 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language'.

The TEFL Program also offers courses that reinforce language skills such as modern English, pronunciation, and grammar, along with new methods for teaching English efficiently. You will also gain knowledge in creating engaging and creative materials, testing students using various methods, ensuring mastery of the subject matter, and techniques to enhance concentration to promote active participation of your students in English classes. This will enable you to evaluate yourself more accurately as a teacher and have the opportunity to become a sought-after educator in your field when you return to your country.

DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults)

If you are an experienced English teacher who has confidence in your knowledge and teaching skills, it may be time to aim for more. You may want to establish international recognition in your profession and be able to teach English in your desired location by documenting your experience with a valid diploma.

DELTA programs, designed to improve teaching skills for English teachers, are offered in two different formats: 8 weeks full-time or short term, and 16 weeks part-time or long term, according to different needs and expectations. You can join the program for your desired duration and pave the way to teach English in any country in the world.

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

If you are a graduate of English Language Teaching with little or no teaching experience, CELTA, provided by the University of Cambridge, is specifically organized for you as a TEFL starter program. All lessons are designed to introduce you to English Language Teaching.

This program, which has the most validity in the world, usually lasts for about 4 weeks and is continuously organized at certain intervals throughout the year. There are many institutions offering the CELTA program, especially in the United Kingdom.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language)

Graduates of English Language and Literature or English Language Teaching programs! You are proficient in English due to your education, but you need to develop yourself to teach students; then the TESOL certificate is right for you.

This intensive program usually lasts for 4 weeks, and individuals who receive the 'English Language Teaching Certificate' at the end of this program can teach English domestically and abroad with the TESOL certificate.

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