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Universities in the UK offer master's (master) programs in hundreds of fields. While the most popular master's degrees are MA (Master of Arts) and MBA (Master of Business Administration), there are also different degrees offered in various fields, such as MSc (Master of Science), LLM (Master of Laws), and MMus (Master of Music). Candidates who succeed in exams and in their master's thesis are eligible to receive one of these master's degrees based on their departments.

In the UK, the primary admission requirements for master's programs include academic achievement and English language proficiency. Different programs are offered to meet various academic qualifications, so it is possible to match the student with the most suitable university and master's program with the guidance of an expert. English proficiency should have a minimum IELTS score of 6.5. If your English proficiency is not sufficient for the master's program you are aiming for, you can apply to one of our preparatory PreMaster programs to enhance your success and admission chances.

Master's programs in the UK typically last for 1 year. Students in small class sizes actively participate in classes through presentations and group work.

In the UK, master's program fees generally range from £9,500 to £15,000, excluding fields such as medicine and dentistry.